PaintBall, But Safe and Fun!

Have a ball with GellyBall!
GellyBall is the revolutionary, lower-impact, shooting game for all ages! Our commercial-grade, battery-powered blasters launch hydrated gel orbs at targets or other players in a variety of game scenarios. GellyBall ammo is 90% water, biodegradable and non-toxic containing no paint or stain. With zero cleanup required outdoors and very little indoors, it is the perfect experience for nearly any event, location and age.

Rental Includes

  • Coming Soon


  • $200 Per Day


Interactive Game Shows

Let the guests in on the fun

Lots of fun even if you take games too seriously!
VanMeter Entertainment can provide a number of options including all your favorite game shows. It’ll be fun for everyone – perfect for your company event, school dance, wedding rehearsal or Christmas party. We’ll customize the event to your party. Just reach out to get it started!

Rental Includes

  • Wireless Buzzers
  • Screen/Projector or TV


  • $700

Love/Mr & Mrs Sign

Love is in the air!

Add these colorful signs to your big day!
Add some pop to your wedding reception with our oversized signs. They are lit with brilliant LED bulbs, can be set to display in one color, fade or strobe. You can choose from plenty of color options, so your signs will match your wedding’s theme and decor!


  • LOVE $150 (w/DJ Package)
  • LOVE $200
  • MR & MRS $200(w/DJ Package)
  • MR & MRS $250

Comedy Hypnosis

Fun for all ages and every group

You are entering into a deep trance…
VanMeter Entertainment is ready to unveil our outrageous spin on the ever-popular stage hypnosis show. Just give us a call to get pricing and availability!

Ideas For Performances

  • Christmas Parties
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Schools
  • Family Reunions


  • Contact us!